Reports of 2019 Championships

– ORC World Championship, Šibenik (Croatia)
  • Large participation
  • One boat out of compliance
– ORC European Championship, Oxelosund (Sweden)
  • 70 participants, 7 countries
  • Small class A
  • Facilities were good, mooring, meals, tents and
  • Very good marks for the club and event in all ?
  • 1 measurement protest
– ORC Sportboat European Championship (Portorož, Slovenia)
  • 30 boats from 9 countries
  • Succesful rating in two divisions where division 1 had Melges 24 as no 1 and Ultimate 30 as no 2
  • Equipment checks went well and boats were in general found to be very close to the certificates
  • Problem with website before the event

Submissions – note, votes are cast formally at the AGM later

– GRE 1 – Number of sails allowed on board
    • The majority of the commitee was for the submission.
– ITA 2 – Individual boat implied wind
  • On the background that the upcoming Europeans 202 will be held in Capri, where they already use individual implied winds.
    • The majority of the commitee was against the submission.
– SWE 1 – CDL limit for Class C in ORC Championships
  • By lowering standard lower boundary for Class C we see that popular entry designs such as X-332, Dufour 34, First 34.7 and FarEast 28R can be included in the championships
    • The majority of the committee was against the submission with the reason that this should be solved with better communication between ORC and the organizers to decide whether Class C would risk to be over-subscribed or if it can allow more boats with lower CDL.
– SWE 2 – CDL limit between Classes A and B
    • The majority of the committee was for the submission but decided to delegate to ITC to fine tune the rule and come up with a new and better CDL boundare between class A and class B
– SWE 3 – More offshore races in ORC Championships
    • The majority of the committee was for the submission and agreed to adjust the standard Notice of Race in the Green Book to hold 2 days of offshore races and 3 days of inshore races. 🙂
– USA 1 – Number of sails aboard while racing
    • The majority of the committee was for the submission. Submission will be amended regarding wording.

Green Book: Current status and updates for the future

Committee agreed to allow Zoran to polish the Green Book to be more in line with the RRS.

Report about Super Yachts 2019 season and future plans

Bruno reported on the status of the SuperYachts where 80 certificates were issued 2019
Upcoming season looks promising with a few new regattas including also the Perini Cup and Swan Cup which might be scored and managed under ORCsy
More information on

2020 Championships reports on current status in preparations

  • ORC/IRC Worlds in Newport (USA) – Lynn, NYYC 2020-09-25 – 2020-10-03
            17 registered boats
            IC 37s likely out of class trim
  • Pre worlds planned through june and july
  • Charters might be plausible
  • Europeans in Naples – Capri (Italy) (
    • Hosted at existing Capri – Tre Gulfi regatta
    • Open also for double handed racing
  • Sportboats Europeans in Istanbul (Turkey) 
    • Soon to be published

2021 bid and expression of interest received:

  • Worlds: Tallin (Estonia) – Decided and to be ratified by Congress on wednesdaay / 30:th
            Agnes from Kalev Yacht Club, Tallinn presented the bid
            Pirita Olympiakeskus – facilities
            2 race course areas within 2,5M
            Target is 100 boats
            6 Russian Swan 50s available for Class A and charter
            Free mooring for
            Plan is beginning of August 1 – 8, possibly interferes with Fastnet 2/8, Copa del Rey
  • Worlds: Sandefjord (Vestfold, Norway) – Bid – declined – reiterated request for repeat bid for 2022
    • Last time in Norway was 2007
    • Experienced organization
    • Hope to unite the Nordic countries around the ORC rule
    • Expecting spectators for the finish of the offshore race
    • Timing 2021-08-15 – 2021-08-21
    • Windy location
    • Possibility of tune-up in Skagen 2021-08-01 – 2021-08-03
  • o Europeans: Israel – Expression of interest
    • Tel Aviv
    • Yacht Club Israel
  • o Europeans: Portugal – Expression of interest
    • Cascais
  • Europeans: Malta – Expression of interest
    • Valetta/Gozo
  • Europeans: Greece – Expression of interest
    • Athens
  • o Sportboats: Italy – Expression of interest
    • Torre del Greco

Organization of the Committee

Request for a vice chairman for 2019->
Likely request for a new chairman in the near future

Any other business

Collaboration with IMA around an ORCi Maxi / Mini-Maxi Europeans
Double handed racing to be included in championships
  • Continental championships primarily
  • Separate Class

Presentation from Copa del Rey, Palma, Emilio

1-8/8 2020 – welcome!