• ITA 3-Creating offset files from cloud of points
    • Handled by Measurement Committee
  • MANCOM 1-Swan co-ordinating team
    • Supported, work to start soon
  • MANCOM 2-ORC Double handed certificate – ORC DH L30 example-1
    • Supported and work started, preliminary certificate below:
    • Looks like a ORC Club certificate
    • 4x scoring options, Costal or Long Distance, Circular Random, Predominantly Upwind or Downwind
    • Can be produced from the same DXT file, in terms of separate configuration, separate files are recommended.
    • New type(s) of certificates will be available in the database and in the program.
  • MANCOM 3-ORC Mutlihull certificate
    • TBD – work in progress..
  • RUS 3-Displacement for Club certificate
    • Already implemented.
  • USA 6-Default stability for ORC Club
    • Disapproved since the measure was disapproved by ITC, that explained that it would not evidently be meeting the
Offset files validation progress
  • Offset files must be validated from the ORC.
  • Effective from 2020
  • Grandfathering in place, existing certificates will remain valid.
  • New offset files will need to go through a validation process
  • Existing files will need to be validated through a queue
Latest developments on ORC Software
  • ORC Scorer is today a stand-alone product which is in itself good.
  • On line scoring is available through single file upload
Any other business
– none