Reports from 2019 Championships 
  • Three championships during the year
– Pre-race measurements checks
    • No major issues
    • Whenever doing checks the boats have been lighter than stated on the certifcate
– Post-race measurement checks
  • Found two boats during the season
    • 50 footer 160 kgs at Worlds, found to be .22% out of GPH
    • 33 footer 74 kgs at the Europeans, found to be <.25% out of GPH
    • At Sportsboats championships, checking with scale showed good correlation
– Offshore Special Regulation safety equipment checks
Agreement on work to make the safety regulation better understandable by owners
– ESP 2 – Measurement protest
Discussion about whether this would solve the problem
  • The majority of the committee was against the submission.
– ESP 3 – FSP measurement
  • The majority of the committee was for the submission.
    • Means that that there will need to be a new FSP/2 with a new name
– GRE 1 – Number of sails allowed on board
  • Not a measurement issue, except for inspection
– ITA 1 – Fuel tankage in measurement trim
Rewording of the rule to allow this.
  • The majority of the committee was for the submission with the amendment to the rule to allow tanks to have any level as long as they do not communicate during the measurement.
– ITA 3 – Creating offset files from cloud of points
  • Supported but needs further work.
– RUS 4 – BAL measurement
  • Supported but needs some rewording.
– USA 2 – Measurement of overhangs
  • The majority of the committee was against the submission.
    • The committee was for strongly recommending taking the measurements and also working to make room for the data in the ORC software
– USA 5 – Multiple headsails set at the same time
  • Will be sorted by the ITC and submission is passed!
Latest developments on measurement techniques 
  • no reports
Any other business
  • Measurement seminars for 2020
    • Planned for US in march and Annapolis.
    • Planned for China.
  • IHC sails are OK as long as the measurements are written on the sail.