* Excuses from FIN, SWE and others
* Johan to step in to Eva Drakenbergs role / chair

Meetings far from Europe are somewhat difficult/expensive/unattended
* Discussions for an october meeting in conjunction with the ITC meeting

Minutes from last year approved

– USA 3 – PCS Scoring
Not supported by the ITC
Background is that marginal conditions can make Triple Number Scoring
Not supported by the committee by not being useful for Race Managers.

Review of “Guidebook to Race Managers”
2 philosophies for the manual:

  • Complete users guide
  • Guideline for new users

Current version to be continued and eventually completed by a quick guide and cheat-sheet.

SailInsight presentation,

Wind based leaderboard in 2011 from 2012 and onwards

Today 900000 viewers per world cup event

Smartphones used for tracking!

appx. 15-30€ for an annual subscription.

Does use Performance Curve Scoring!!