All committe present with few exceptions

2. Number of classes and CDL limits 2024 following the study and decisions of

the 2022 AGM and 2023 committee meetings

Discussion about class split A and 0 classes to either set the limit at 13.0 or 13.5

Committee proposal

New ORC Class limits

The classes were discussed and the above limits were accepted after some discussion.

The lower limit in class C will be adapted to accomodate First 31.7

3. Submissions

a) ARG 1- Additional ORC Sportboat class division

  • Was turned down by the committee due to the fact that the current class is already struggling and splitting it into two would be bad. Also the race organizer perspective would be grim.

b) EST 1- Offshore race scoring

GER 2- PCS with All-purpose pre-selected course

  • These two submissions were discussed in the light of the ITC work with weather based routing.
  • Submissions were withdrawn and support given to the ITC work instead.

c) FIN 3- Lower CDL limit for Class C

ITA 1- Class C lower CDL limit

NED 5- Class A (2024) CDL limit

  • Supported through the previous discussion and divisions under bullet 1.

d) GER 8- Offshore readiness

  • Discussion about the need for the strengthening of the rule, submission was supported.

e) MANCOM 1- Standardizing ORC championship brand

  • Supported

f) NED 6- Lower number of races for discard at ORC Championships

  • Discussion ended with the conclusion that the experiences from the worlds in Kiel are not conclusive enough thus the coming championships the limit of races to allow a discard will be agreed between the organizers and the ORC.

g) NED 7- Wind range for W/L and coastal races at championships

  • Discussion wether to help ROs or hem them with more stringent rules or principles.
    Submission to be pushed to the Race Management Committée

h) NED 8- Maximum wind forecast when starting an offshore race

  • Submission to be pushed to the Race Management Committée

i) SWE 2- Championship format

  • Test format stays as test format and is allowed for the upcoming championships.

j) SWE 3- Quality parameters for different race types

  • Goes into the Race Management Guide in some form

k) SWE 4- Rating changes requiring class change

  • Committee disallowed this submission keeping the current principle of allowing boats within the tolerances to stay in the classes regardless of CDL changes as long as the

l) USA 5- ORC Maxi class

  • Supported and CDL limits are awaiting ratifications from the USA


  • Comittee was against with the exception of GER
  1. Green Book review
  • Zoran described about the ongoing updates to the Green Book
  1. Calendar of future Events:
  • 2024 Championships reports on status in preparations:
    ORC Worlds in Newport (USA)
  • Lynne from NYYC reported on the status
  • 25 Sept – 4 Oct
  • NOR is out
  • Extra class, SuperZero is allowed as show class

  • ORC Europeans in Marienhamn (ALA/FIN)
  • NoR is in the works
  • Preregistration open (27 boats)
  • Allowing 31.7s is positive and will bring nore boats
  • 9-17 August

  • ORC DH Worlds in Oslo (NOR)
  • Together with the Faerder race, 8-16 June
  • Start in Oslo, plan to run as much as possible in combination with the Faerder
  • 30 boats preregistered from 4 countries

  • ● ORC DH Europeans in Caorle (ITA)
  • First week of may
  • Website is up

  • ● ORC Sportboat Europeans in Valencia (ESP)
  • Organizer is set and dates are in the fixing

2025 and beyond bids and expression of interest received:
World championship 2025

Tallinn presented the Estonian proposal very thorougly

Proposed 8-16 August, or in second tier 11-19 July
European championship 2025

Palma presented the proposal to host the Europeans in parallell to Copa del Rey

No planned long offshore race!

Proposed dates: last days of july or first of august and in conjunction with Copa del Rey, not exactly the same dates as the worlds.
● DH World championship 2025

  • No bid received

DH European championship 2025

Bid from Finland, Helsinki presented proposal from HSK, Xtra Staerk OR and Finnish offshore association

Dates, proposed July but otherwise flexible… August also possible

With the Bengtskär race extended course making for 250M

  • Sportboat Europeans 2025

No bids received

Proposal from Naples to host the worlds in 2026 i Naples around the Tre Golfi Race

Planned dates are 7 May to 14 May


Lithuania presented the bed from LTU for the Europeans in Klaipeda

Planned dates 7-15 August

Approved by the committee

  • DH World Championships 2026
    NED expressed interest of organizing DH Worlds in 2026 in Scheveningen

Any other business