1. Approval of Minutes of 2022 meeting
    – Approved
  2. Submissions
    a) DEN 1 – Data source on the certificate
    Clarification of text on web is decided..

    b) DEN 2 – Visibility of more than one active certificate
    Supported and will be implemented

    c) DEN 3 – Use of ORC International data for Club certificate
    Not supported due to significantly different ways of working in different regions.

    d) GER 6 – Measurer double check

    e) GER 7 – Upload of measurement files
    NED 4 – Measurement pictures in the certificate file
    Under investigation

    f) ITA 2 – Use of designer offset file
    Supported with reservation from AUS Sailing

    g) ITA 4 – Review of Cruiser/Racer regulations
    Not supported

    h) ITA 5 – Territory in issuing certificates
    Will be partly solved by new database

    i) NED 1 – Single furling headsail credit

    j) NED 2 – Profile of the boat below the waterline

    k) NOR 1 – ToT on certificate front page

    l) USA 1 – Re-wording of ORC Rule 304.2
    Sorted, misunderstanding of rule

    m) USA 3 – Default crew weight

  3. Updates of the ORC database system
    Panayotis shortly described the progress of the hull/boat id listing and possibility to better follow a particular boat between owners/rating offices/organizers

4. Any other business