• Present, all Committée except for Joakim Majander
  • Approval of Minutes of 2022 meeting
  • Submissions
    a) ESP 3 – Boom diameter
    Discussion around whether to clarify or interpret the BD vs lower mast point
    – Zoran will work on an amendment to IMS where the black band will be where the lower end of the sail is.

  • b) ITA 2 – Use of designer offset file
    Support in the hindsight of the feasibility of 3D scanning. Only applies to new offset files from 2024.

  • c) ITA 3 – Use of retractable bowsprit

  • d) ITA 4 – Revision of Cruiser/Racer regulations
    The problem is not with the rule but with the awareness. List of mandatory items to be added to certificate and checklist

  • e) SWE 1 – Batteries in place of fuel tanks for cruiser/racers

  • Any other business
    Dimitris DImou spoke about:
    IHC and ORC conflict over ERS 5.3: Will likely be resolved after 2025 ERS are in force;

In the mean time ORC will adopt an interim text and solution where ORC will still allow IHC measured sails.

Linear dimension measurement tolerances:

Discussion if significant linear measurement errors exist shoud it be handled only by current rule 305.x

No changes but possibly future submissions about lowering the rating tolerances..