Check list for ORCi participants to Marstrand Big Boat Race 2018 & Swedish Offshore Championship according to ORCi


Due to a number of questions, SHF hereby publishes a non-exhaustive check-list for participants to the 2018 Swedish Offshore Championship according to ORCi.

The full NoR is at:

  • The championship is held according to the Swedish Sailing federation race regulations found on:
  • The championship consists of 8 races. There will be two offshore races using the same starting line. The first race will be from the start to a control point approximately mid-course, and the second race will be from the start to the finish. Approximate duration of the second offshore race (the whole course) will be less than 12 hours, for the slowest boat.

Eligibility to participate is governed by World Sailing Elegibility Code as well as:

  • The person in charge on-board, if Swedish citizen, is bound to hold a valid racing license ”Tävlingslicens”
  • All Swedish competitors shall be members of SHF, Svenska Havskappseglingsförbundet, helm and all participating crew. Membership can be obtained thru:
  • Competitors shall when afloat wear personal flotation devices.

Safety and security

Rules compliance

The Championship is according to the NoR run according to: ORC Rating Systems Rule, note in particular section 2, ”2. RULES APPLYING WHILE RACING”

  • Scale will be provided by the organizers for competitors to use to make sure that the crew is compliant with the declared crew weight on the certificate.
  • Lifelines shall according to OSR Special Regs cat 4 be compliant with:
    When a deflecting force of 4 kg is applied to a lifeline at the mid-point of the longest span between supports that are aft of the mast, the deflection shall not exceed:
    50 mm for an upper or single lifeline
    120 mm (4 ¾”) for an intermediate lifeline
  • RRS 49.2 is modified by deleting “sitting on the deck” in the second sentence. (ORC Rating Systems rule – new for 2018)

Measurement checks will be carried out with an emphasis on top placed boats.

In order to be awarded the title Swedish Champion (SM) the competitors shall be Swedish citizens or have resided in Sweden for at least six months the last twelve months before the event starts. A majority of the crew (more than 50%) shall comply with the rule regarding the title Swedish Champion. If so, the entire crew will be awarded the title Swedish Champion. Championship plaquette and titles may be awarded if fifteen or more boats from at least five different clubs have crossed the finish line in one race in the championship


To be amended..


Please adress further questions to: