Anmälingstiden till Öppet SM i Havskappsegling i samband med Sandhamnsregattan utökad till 8:e juli

KSSS har utökat anmälningstiden till vårt öppna SM för att locka fler internationella deltagare.

The Royal Swedish Yacht Club (KSSS) and the Swedish Offshore Association (SHF) are happy to inform that the deadline for entry to the Open Swedish Offshore Championship for ORC international is now extended to 2019-07-08After scrutinizing the signed-up entries we have realized that this event might not has been seen as open to international competitors. We hereby sincerely invite international entries wanting to sail in Swedish waters and up agains the strong local ORCi sailing contingent i Sweden.

We hope to see many more international and national entries to this regatta which takes place in the preceding days to the Europeans in nearby Oxelösund.

The regatta program for the 2019 Offshore Championships Week in Stockholm and Oxelösund will be as follows: