Rapport från ORC AGM 22 Offshore Classes & Events Committee 2022-11-05

N.B. All decisions below are to be ratified by ORC Council which is on 2022-11-06

Chairman Bruno Finzi

• Patrick Lindqvist, vice-chairman
• Vasily Alexeev – not to talk for AGM
• Joaquin Barenys
• David Bartol
• Steve Benjamin
• Thomas Blixt
• Manuel Fraga – absent
• Jose Frers
• Zoran Grubiša
• Andrew McIrvine – absent
• Ecky von der Mosel
• Thomas Nilsson
• Maurizio Pavesi
• Edoardo Recchi
• Eckart Reinke
• Peter Tjalma
• Akis Tsalikis

CDL study following decisions of the 2021 AGM and 2022 committee meetings

Bruno presented the CDL Studies with the 2 main alternatives;
Proposed changed class limits
C 8.3-9.6
B 9.6-11.45
A 11.45 – 13
0 13 – 16.4

New classes to start in 2024
Committée to chime in on which to favor
Questions on how much to raise Class A/0 to accommodate Class 72, response was appx 24
Lynne, NYYC, chimed in on the non-success of mixing Class 72s with TP 52s

Vote on adoptions of classes in terms of which alternative and when to do it.
Votes for the proposal are all in favor with 2 abstaining
Votes for changes to be adopted when
2023, 2024, 2025 or other horizon.
– Eckart proposes 2025 with the background of the Value
– USA and Fin proposes 2024
Majority votes for 2024

  • This effectively means that the new class divisions as described above will be in place for 2024 when the worlds will be in Newport/USA and the Europeans in Mariehamn

3. Submissions
a) EST 1 – Championship prizes
Vote on endorsement is unanonimous for!

b) EST 2 – Championship requirements
Friendly amendment that water and electricity should be available and removed the requirement of direct access to the pier.
Passes with 2 abstaining and 2 against.

c) EST 3 – Championship schedule
Discussion about the format with the background of the Kiel WC. The Submission wants the Championships to omit the long offshore race.
Unanimously refused

d) EST 4 – Number of sails carried on board
Allow more spinnakers
Supported by the Management Committee
Supported by the OCEC committee

e) EST 5 – Number of mainsails carried on board
FIN 3 – Use of second mainsail at championships
GER 1 – Second mainsail at championships
Basically all the submissions are about allowing the second mainsail again.
Passes with 2 abstaining and 1 against.

f) EST 6 – Post-event survey
Supported by the OCEC committee but not to be mandatory

g) FIN 2 – CDL limits for ORC championships
NED 5 – Future class divisions on APH
NED 6 – Opt-in for boats outside of rating band
SWE 1 – Class divisions for ORC championships
SWE 1 and FIN 2 withdrawn with relation to decision to new CDL divisions already decided in 2. above. NED 5 and 6 Were not supported.

h) FIN 5 – Promoting more diversity
Prizes to be given to youth and mixed crews.
Vote gives that submission is refused but OCEC will continue to work on the principle which was endorsed in General but refused on wording / details

i) GER 2 – Life raft at the ORC championships
Submission withdrawn with the background of an agreement between ORC and the race organizers around the requirement for the upcoming events.

j) NED 3 – Bow stickers
Ecky von der Mosel indicated that the Race Management Committee had refused the Submission on technical grounds. Strong support for the notion that the event shall be environmentally friendly.
Sumbission not supported by the committée

k) NED 4 – Heavier weight on long offshore race
SWE 2 – Scoring coefficients
Sumbission not supported by the committée

l) SWE 3 – No discards on ORC championships
Sumbission not supported by the committée

3. Report about Super Yachts 2022 season and future plans
Alberto Pindozzi reported extensively on the ORCsy activity:

The acceptance of the ORCsy system is due in part to its
rigorous measurement protocols, flexible and innovative
scoring options, and transparency in rules and process which is
appreciated by its users, who are often advised by professional
America’s Cup-level tacticians and crews., and direct assistance
provided by the ORC Staff at most of these events.

4. Report about Multihull 2022 season and future plans
Andy Claughton reported that In 2022 the ORC MultiHull Rule made its debut, where the Armani Cup and the Multihull Cup were both scored using ORCmh. Whilst there were only a handful of entries, the handicaps worked well in fleets whose LOA ranged from 52-80 feet. Seven valid ORCmh certificates were issued in 2022, and despite this modest start, the ORC MH group is confident that ORCmh will expand in use next year both in the marquee regattas and offshore races.

5. Calendar of future Events:
– 2023 Championships reports on status in preparations:
o ORC Worlds in Kiel (GER) 5-13/8:
At the moment the NoR is not yet out but there are 120+ pre-entries. Everything seems to be on track with lots of bullets on the to-do list.
A Class is still undersubscribed whilst B and C are very well subscribed to!

o ORC Europeans in Malta (MLT) 23/4 – 1/5:
Ready to publish NoR and to start advertising. Interest

o ORC DH Worlds in Barcelona (ESP) 9/9-15/9:
Joaquim Barenys told about the upcoming DH Worlds and informed about the venue and the organizer. Expecting 100+ teams from the Mediterranean Sea.

o ORC Sportboat Europeans in Kalamaki (GRE) 23/9-29/9
Seems to be on track.

o ORC DH Europeans in Helsingör (DEN) 10/6-18/6:
Michael informed about the bid for the ORC DH Europeans 2023 in June. The appx. 350M course will encompass Sjaelland, Anholt and a few more marks.
Committée voted unanonimously to support the Danish bid

– 2024 bids and expression of interest received:
o World championship, Newport 27/9 – 5/10 2024
Lynne Lynch, Sailing Mgr, NYYC presented the bid for the Worlds in 2024.
Very impressive technical resources and personnel. Expecting 80+ entries.
The question about the possibility to charter boats was deemed very important
Committée voted unanonimously to support the US bid

o European championship, Mariehamn 2024,
Hepo presented the bid from Åländska Segelsällskapet and AMP.
Very good housing and logistics facilities. Large harbour.
Committée voted unanonimously to support the Finnish bid

o Sportboat Europeans, possibly Valencia, 4/7-7/7 2024
ORC has received a letter of intent from Valencia about hosting the Sportsboats Europeans.
Postponed to January meeting, Committée to continue working with the club.

o Doublehanded Worlds Oslo/Tönsberg proposed, 12/6 – 16/6
Logistics will be important with different start and finish locations.
Proposed to be the Old Skaw Race course and to run partly in conjunction with the Faerder Race.
Committée voted unanonimously to support the Norwegian bid

o DH Europeans, Greece, proposal / letter of intent
Postponed to January meeting, Committée to continue working with the club.

5. Organization of the Committee
Addition of Luke Scott RSA to the ORC OCEC
Committée unanonimously for the addition to the committée

6. Any other business


Notes from the Congress are here

All the Protocols are here

  • The ITC protocol is particularly interesting!!