2020 Offshore Worlds, referat av Alaistar Foxs dragning för World Sailings Oceanic & Offshore committee

Underlaget till denna post är mina anteckningar från World Sailings Oceanic & Offshore committee mötet 2019-10-31

  • De officiella anteckningarna / protokollet från mötet har inte kommit ut än, när de dyker upp kommer de ligga på:
  • Denna dragning lär ha hållits även för Event Committee men då med event snarare än offshore-fokus. Mötena hölls parallellt så det gick inte att bevaka bägge samtidigt.

N.B. Nedan kommer alltså enbart från mina anteckningar, stor sannolikhet att det som faktiskt dyker upp i ”minutes” vad det lider har en annan tolkning/ordalydelse. Jag väljer att kommunicera vad jag hört iallafall, ta det för vad det är..

2020 Offshore Worlds, Alastair Fox (2 person mixed)

In 2017 – an idea of an Offshore WC was concieved. – The idea was conceived by the board rather than the committees..

The implementation of the idea was held outside of the Offshore & Oceanic Committee.
by spring 2019, the WC event was decided to be moved from 2019 -> 2020, due to difficulties related to time etc.

The concept of partnering with RORC to partner with RMaltaYC to hold the event in parallell with the Rolex MIddle Sea Race was encouraged by RORC and was OK by RMYC

The Offshore Mixed Event(s) are a crucial coordination and experience build-up process for the upcoming Olympics.

Selected equipment for the Worlrds in 2020 are the 20 x L30 boats, similar to the past Europeans held in Venice/Trieste in september/october

WS will publish NoR and qualifications information imminently (has not happened yet)
Focus is to give plenty off opportunity to train (costs very uncertain)

To be able to hold a WC consisting of the decided format of 3 days and 2 nights offshore sailing, different course options, possibly staying south of Sicily is considered.

Media & Broadcast is a critical success factor for the event. The Europeans held in northern Adriatic had plenty of regulations about minimum information transmitted from the boats but no penalties, thus very litle media was actually sent off the boats.

Qualification system:
* Series of qualifications by country, to be decided by MNAs
* Continental qualifiers run by MNAs,
* Qualification opportunities were talked about in Valencia, Le Havre, Genoa (Kiel?)
* Qualifications likely to be held in different boat types, Jeanneu, Beneteau, J/Boats, Dehler have been approached and have shown interest

All MNAs will be contacted shortly after the conference.

WS will appoint a high level working party between event / offshore and possibly other committees
– Important to support WS office to take the right direction.

Relevant questions from Wolfgang Schaefer, regarding length, platform and structure.
Length pushed for 2 nights and 3 days+ by Working Party.

Event Committee has approved that the event shall be 1 (one) longer offshore race rather than a series

Q: About costs and fees:
WS: Charter fees will be significant, entry fees as well. Qualification events will need to be cost-effective..

(The Europeans in the Adriatic 2019 had an entry and charter fee of €5500 per boat entered)

Q: To help MNAs select candidates, handicap events and fleets can be OK.
– WS through representatives shall help MNAs select and nominate crews.

Highligting of qualification events, sailors needs to spend time on the boats.
* Event Schedule 3/10 – 29/10. Race start scheduled to 17:th of October

Personal sponsors will likely be OK

Q: Qualification events? How and When..
A: Beginning may and end of june 2020. Likely 2 or 3 qualification regattas for Europe.
Deadline to MNAs to sign up for intent to particibate will be by end of November


2024 Olympics, Alastair Fox (2 person mixed)

  • Very few decisions have been made as of now.
  • Safety a hot topic
  • Marseilles / Mediterranee event
  • Sign off on 2024 Olympics december 2020, including location, quotas, format and timing.
  • Offshore event will not be more than 19 competing nations
  • WS OOC will be shaping the event.
  • 2022 event in the Hague might be qualification event

2 Working parties in place

Equipment WP:

  • OSR CAT2 type of boat.
  • Next step to set the critera:
  • RFI to manufacturers to get information about availability of OSR Cat 2 type of boat.
  • Reasonable acceptance test, what is enough / relevant
  • (6)8-10m, fixed keel, not foiling
  • Electric propulsion

Outstanding questions:

  • Autopilot – probably no – rudder block.
  • Outside data availability – probably no.
  • No redress – to look after the gear
  • Chart plotter and GPS – yes

Event WP:

  • Number of boats: 18-19 boats
  • 1 race
  • 3 days + 2 nights
  • On the water jury
  • Dynamic marks
  • Offshore event – Will go with what there is weatherwise..

2 New working parties to be set up.